We Use Motorsports As A Vehicle To Tune The Mind And Soul of Our Transitioning Veterans



It is estimated that more than 700,000 combat veterans are struggling with some form of combat-related stress. That statistic combined with other deeply troubling ones around suicide, substance abuse, and violence-bear witness to the fact that most current strategies simply are not having their desired effect. However, recent studies have shown that military veterans that participated in group-based activities have increased their psychological well-being, social functioning, and life outlook.

The War Eagle Garage is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and meets the IRS Charitable Purpose Guidelines of relief of the poor, the distressed, and underprivileged, advancement of education and science, lessening the burdens of government, lessening neighborhood tensions, eliminating prejudice and discrimination, and combating community deterioration.


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War Eagle Garage is one of the most dynamic veterans' organizations in Northern Colorado. We provide veterans with the opportunity to participate in a variety of skill sets on our race team at no cost to the veterans that participate. This wouldn't be possible without the aid of our generous community!

Funds will be used to fund the mission of the War Eagle Garage: to enhance and improve the quality of life for our local veterans in Northern Colorado through a motorsports program. We strive to link veterans to resources for healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. Additionally, we aim to aid veterans in any physical, mental, or financial challenges they may be facing.

Additionally, the War Eagle Garage uses funds to support veterans and their families in other ways -such as meeting unmet auto repair financial needs via the (VVA)Veteran Vehicle Assistance fund.

Make an Impact by donating, fundraising, or spreading the word, you can help our local veterans get back on track and become a positive force in our communities in Northern Colorado.

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