We Use Motorsports As A Vehicle To Tune The Mind And Soul of Our Transitioning Veterans.



Garage Description

The War Eagle Garage is a 501c3 non-profit organization that desires to enhance and improve the quality of life for our local veterans in Northern Colorado through a motorsports program. Additionally, we actively raise funds at our events to assist local veterans with emergency or unmet automotive needs. The War Eagle Garage strives to positively impact the lives of our local Heroes with our commitment to organizational excellence and professionalism to provide a superior veteran experience.

Our innovative “Changing Gears” program actively involves veterans on a dynamic high-performance racing team, aligning their position with their academic pursuits or military skill set. Using a combination of classroom education and hands-on experiential learning, the WEG fosters STEM projects for student veterans attending local colleges in Northern Colorado. Virtually any degree or certificate course of study can be integrated into a position on the WEG team, regardless of your interest or knowledge in motorsports. Changing Gears also addresses such topics as communication, role responsibility, creative thinking, and work performance through the day-to-day operations of a semi-professional racing program. The team works with local sponsors and applies for grants to fund STEM projects and team activities.

Beyond our core mission, the War Eagle Garage team raises funds at events to support local veterans and their families in need of emergency vehicle repairs or general automotive maintenance. Imagine a world where our veterans, who have given so much, don't have to worry about the reliability of their transportation. The VVA Fund makes this vision a reality. It ensures that veterans in northern Colorado can access the auto repairs and maintenance they need when times are tough. Through the Veteran Vehicle Assistance (VVA) fund, we address unmet auto repair financial needs, ensuring veterans have reliable transportation, we ensure they can access necessary services and seize opportunities without hindrance.

As a local business or donor, there's an opportunity for you to join us in our mission by partnering with our STEM projects and performance team or help raise funds to keep our veterans on the road to success. Together, we can create a supportive community that honors their service and helps them thrive in civilian life.

Let's help local veterans shift gears toward a bright and prosperous future.

Our Vision

To provide a high-performance motorsports recreational outlet and hand-on activity to our veterans whose hearts pump motor oil and lungs breathe high-octane fumes.

The Mission

War Eagle Garage desires to enhance and improve the quality of life for our local veterans in Northern Colorado through a motorsports program. We strive to link veterans to resources for healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. Additionally, we aim to aid veterans in any physical, mental, or financial challenges they may be facing.

The Concept

A nonprofit organization that provides transitioning veterans and active-duty military service members the opportunity to build connections and gain employable skills through a competitive local racing program.

Our Core Values

Fun, Integrity, Honor, Loyalty, Respect, and the smell of racing fumes in the morning.