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Help Veterans Stay on the Road to Success

🌟 The VVA Fund: A Lifeline for Veterans

Imagine a world where our veterans, who have given so much, don't have to worry about the reliability of their transportation. The VVA Fund makes this vision a reality. It ensures that veterans in northern Colorado can access the auto repairs and maintenance they need when times are tough. Through the Veteran Vehicle Assistance (VVA) fund, we address unmet auto repair financial needs, ensuring veterans have reliable transportation, we ensure they can access necessary services and seize opportunities without hindrance.

💪 Your Support Matters

Your contribution to the VVA Fund can make a world of difference:

🔧 Critical Repairs: Your donation directly funds essential auto repairs and maintenance for veterans in financial hardships, ensuring their vehicles are in running condition.

🚗 Reliable Transportation: Veterans can commute, seek employment, attend medical appointments, and engage with their communities confidently.

🤝 Community Impact: Your generosity helps enrich our community and shows our veterans that they are valued and cherished.

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Veterans Vehicle Assistance (VVA) Donation Form

Please fill out the form below to make a donation online. If you prefer to donate by check, please make it payable to the War Eagle Garage and mail it to our business address listed below the form. Thank You!

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